Thank You!!

As we go into the holidays, we wanted to stop and take a moment to simply say THANK YOU!  The past months have not been easy for any of us, but without your friendship and support, it would not have been as easy for us.  With so many changes going on around us, we wanted to remind you of the things that haven't changed; our commitment to you, and the pleasure we take from serving you and your family!  From our experiences we can definitely agree with the saying-- 'a community who stands together is stronger together' because without you, our community, our family, our friends, we wouldn't be as strong, and things wouldn't feel so bright as they do today.  We wish you and yours the very best!

Thank you for your being our community and our friends!!

From all your family here at Mackenzies.

Allan, Catalina & Hector
(He loves his job!)
Caterina, Tim & Francisco
Our great cooks Luis, Dennis, Maura, Paola & Fernando
Our kitchen support Jose & Jose

And lastly Andrew, Rose, Matt & Chef Guillermo

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