Guest Information Form

Hello, and thank you for visiting!  A requirement of the State and the City of Stamford Department of Health is that we keep a log of everyone that dines with us to be used for contact tracing.  To make this process easier, we've created this online form that you can fill out either before your visit, or while you are here.

Please note that this information will not be shared with anyone but the governmental agencies that have the task to access it if needed.  Also, we will not use the information provided below for any marketing activities.

If you are unable to use this online form, please speak with your server and they will gladly take the information from you. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you enjoy your visit!

Primary Guest Information
(This person will be used as the main contact if anyone in the party needs to be reached by the state or city.)

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.  Please take the time to view the online menu to make the ordering process quicker and easier.