Outdoor Dining Guidelines

  • Since space is limited reservations are recommended and can only be made by contacting the restaurant and speaking with one of our staff members.

  • The Patio is open regardless of the weather.  If you have a reservation we kindly ask that you call to cancel if you decide the weather is not cooperating.  There are no refunds due to inclement weather.

  • We have table umbrellas which will only provide limited coverage in case of rain so we encourage you to bring your own umbrella and something heavier to wear in case the weather unexpectedly changes.

  • At this time the Patio is open for dinner service only.  Unfortunately current restrictions do not allow us to offer bar only service.

  • Since our outdoor space is extremely limited there may be a 90 minute time limit per table if there is a waitlist or reservations and we appreciate your understanding.

    Health and Safety

  • If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to stay home and get better. We reserve the right to require a temperature reading to be taken with a touchless thermal thermometer before we provide service. Per guidance from the City of Stamford Health Department if your temperature is above 100.4 you will not be permitted to enter the Patio

  • Face coverings are required when you arrive and when you leave the table for any reason, including to use the restroom.  At the table it is up to your personal preference as to when you wear the mask, but we ask that you be considerate of our staff when they visit your table to serve you.

Disclaimer: Mackenzie's Bar & Grill has taken, and continues to meet, all necessary health guidelines set forth by the federal government, CDC, the State of Connecticut and the City of Stamford Health Department. Please understand that diners who are ordering takeout, delivery or making a reservation to eat at Mackenzie's Bar & Grill are doing so at their own risk. Mackenzie's Bar & Grill is not responsible for, and can not be held responsible for any and all issues arising from the contracting and/or spreading of the COVID-19 virus, its symptoms, or any other designation of the COVID-19 virus

Last Updated: June 6, 2020

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